Play and Creative Arts Therapy

What is Play and Creative Arts Therapy?

Play and Creative Arts Therapy is a non-verbal therapeutic way in which to work with young children, adolescents and adults. Through various creative mediums such as sand, clay, music and paint, the child or young person is able to explore emotional, social and behavioural challenges and work towards a resolution. Play and Creative Arts Therapy can support you to change unhelpful behaviours, repair developmental delays, and enable them to feel safe, secure and confident.

Who might benefit from Play and Creative Arts Therapy?

Play and Creative Arts Therapy can support the child or young person that you care for, if they have experienced divorce, bereavement, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, bullying, post natal depression, adoption or fostering, ADHD or Autism.

Play and Creative Arts Therapy can support children and young people with behaviour such as anxiety, low self-confidence, angry or aggressive behaviour, poor self-regulation, low concentration, self-harming, poor learning, eating disorders, hyperactivity, bed-wetting, disturbed sleeping, withdrawn behaviour, OCD, and clingy or controlling tendencies.

My background

My own personal challenges led me to discover Play and Creative Arts Therapy. I came to understand the process and the benefits. The transformation was so significant, it led me to train as a play and creative arts therapist. I am accredited with PTUK, I’m a member of BACP and I’m a Registered SandStory Therapist . I am passionate about working with children and young people to put the building blocks in place at an early age to allow them to thrive.

My approach

I am a parent as well as a therapist, and my own family challenges led me to a career in this area. I work with compassion and care. I aim to work respectfully and non-judgmentally with parents to provide all-round support.


I work with individuals and groups in person in both schools and from my own private practice in Sidcup, Kent. Sessions are 45 minutes and take place weekly. Typically, group sessions run for 6 Р8 weeks and individual sessions start with 12 sessions. I am flexible and can discuss your needs. I charge £60 per session at my private practice.

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